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Consent to Share Information

Barwon Disability Plan Management is a NDIS Provider that complies with relevant Federal and State privacy legislation, the NDIS (Provider Registration and Practice Standards) Rules 2018 with respect to privacy, confidentiality and dignity, and the Australian Privacy Principles with respect to dealing with personal information related to the provision of services and supports.

Purposes for collecting and sharing information

Any information collected from you will be used only for the purpose of working with you on your NDIS plan and to measure progress against your goals and outcomes.

Information we collect may include hand-written notes, electronic files, photos, videos. You can elect to not have any photos or videos taken or stored.

Wherever possible information will be collected directly from you or sources you have given us permission to collect information from. Information from or to other agencies regarding you can only be obtained after you sign the Barwon Disability Plan Management Service Agreement.

There are a few circumstances in which we may be required to share information:

  • If we consider you to be at risk of serious harm, abuse, or neglect, or pose a risk to your own or public health and safety.
  • If we are required by a court of law.

You have a right to withhold information from Barwon Disability Plan Management for privacy reasons.

Barwon Disability Plan Management

Barwon Disability Plan Management recognises your right to privacy, dignity and confidentiality.

This means that your privacy will be respected in all areas of our work with you, including office visits, security of personal information and disclosure of information to other people.

All information provided to Barwon Disability Plan Management will be kept strictly confidential. This means that your information will be:

  • Stored in a safe place
  • Only discussed with workers within Barwon Disability Plan Management who have a need to know – for example supervisor.
  • Disclosed to other people with your permission and for a specific reason.
  • Barwon Disability Plan Management staff will ensure that you are aware of the reasons why certain information is being collected and for what purpose.
  • When Barwon Disability Plan Management support ceases, it is necessary for Barwon Disability Plan Management to keep records for a period of time. Information will then be destroyed.

You have a right to access your information on your file and can do so by making an appointment with your Barwon Disability Plan Management worker.



Consent for sharing personal information

The purposes of sharing my personal information have been explained to me by my Barwon Disability Plan Management worker.

I give permission for Barwon Disability Plan Management to disclose relevant information to or request information from organisations on my behalf.

I understand that this consent remains current whilst I am a client of Barwon Disability Plan Management.

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