Disability Advocacy

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Disability Advocacy

We fight to protect the rights of people with disabilities in the Barwon region. Since 1975, BDRC has been helping people with disability find their voice to initiate positive change.

Barwon Disability Resource Council provides advocacy in Geelong, Queenscliff, Surf Coast and Golden Plains.

Help for Individuals

Our mission is to teach and support individuals to advocate for their rights, treatment and community inclusion. BDRC will work with you and for you to assess your situation and help you be assertive in seeking improvement for your circumstances.

You may need support with issues regarding your living arrangements and funding, be experiencing abuse or neglect, or be in a crisis situation.

Remember, you have the right:

  • To be safe
  • To be treated with respect
  • To make decisions
  • To privacy
  • To education and a job
  • To participate in the community
  • To live free from abuse and neglect

Support by your side

BDRC will step in to offer free assistance to support you to achieve the outcomes that you want. We understand some of these situations can be daunting for you, so we are there to assist and guide you when seeking justice to reach fair and agreeable outcomes.

We focus on you because you are best placed to determine your needs and to plan with us on how we can best address those needs in the short and long term to achieve your goals.

BDRC can assist you with:

  • Attending meetings with service providers
  • Making a complaint
  • Dealing with family
  • Attending court or a tribunal
  • Accessing services
  • Speaking up and being heard
  • Making decisions
  • Crisis situations
  • Knowing your rights

Unfortunately, we cannot offer counselling, legal or financial advice.

Systemic Advocacy

BDRC has a commitment to advocating for ongoing improvements and outcomes within the disability sector and the broader community. Systemic advocacy is where we analyse and review the current systems in place for people with disability, striving to identify issues and potential solutions around accessibility and inclusion.

As part of our mission, we continue to seek information to identify, coordinate and implement community programs and projects that will benefit the people with disability in the Barwon region. This also involves planning and advocating for the regional development of disability and community services.

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We stand up for people in the disability community, teaching and supporting them to advocate for their rights and inclusion.


As a registered NDIS Plan Manager, we will help you manage your funds to access services and supports.